I Had Permission: Part 3

I Had Permission: Part 3 - Muley Freak

Hey guys, thanks for your support so far as we share the facts.

In this video we are sharing more evidence that Erik had received explicit permission to hunt where he did.

In court the landowner testified to picking up Erik’s rifle and looking through the scope. The landowner claimed he didn’t know it was rifle season even though Erik showed him his rifle and told him he was hunting the opener on Monday.

Here are court transcripts of the landowner admitting to looking through Erik's rifle:

Now, back to October 8th, here is Erik talking to the landowner about his rifle. And a second clip of Erik explaining to the landowner exactly where he planned on hunting on the property. The text below comes from videos that Erik's 3-year old daughter shot from the truck of Erik talking to the landowner. You can see the actual videos on the Muley Freak Instagram page (I Had Permission Part 3).

Fast forward to October 10th. After Erik shot the buck, the landowner’s boss told Erik he could use his 4-wheeler to take the deer out the front. Erik drove the loaded 4-wheeler part way until he met the landowner. The boss then drove the loaded 4-wheeler through the landowner’s cultivated field and eventually back to Erik’s truck.


Once they all got to Erik’s truck, the landowner and his boss loaded the deer into Erik’s truck and told Erik to go home.

Here are some witness & court transcripts from the landowner and the boss.

The land owner, under oath, admitted to:

Looking through Erik's rifle.

Helping load the deer into Erik's truck and sending him home.

Again, we are strictly sharing facts. What I have shared comes directly from the boss and landowner’s witness/court statements.

Erik had permission.


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