Muley Freak’s “Game Changer” Binocular System | An In-Depth Review

Muley Freak’s “Game Changer” Binocular System | An In-Depth Review - Muley Freak

Written By: Colton Heward


Western big game hunters have a multitude of options readily available to them when it comes to picking which bino harness they strap to their chest. While any bino harness beats the traditional tethered strap slung around your neck in both fit and function, not all bino harnesses are created equal. Being a self-proclaimed gear junkie, I have tried most of the popular bino harnesses on the market. They all have redeeming qualities and do a fine job of protecting our optic investments, but none have impressed me more than Muley Freak's new “Game Changer” Binocular System.


Over the past two years Muley Freak has designed, engineered, and extensively field tested the “Game Changer” bino harness to ensure it meets the demands of Western big game hunters. After field testing this new harness myself, I can confidently say that the boys at Muley Freak have left no stone unturned in creating the ultimate bino harness. Every stitch and feature of the new “Game Changer” was designed with the sole purpose of optimizing your performance when the moment of truth arrives.


The “Game Changer” bino harness is comfortable, lightweight, and low-profile. This allows hunters to securely strap the harness to their chest and not have to worry about neck and shoulder fatigue after a long, grueling day in the backcountry. Another key feature of the “Game Changer” harness is its silent, magnet free, one handed operation lids for both the bino and rangefinder pocket. This feature is especially critical for bowhunters in the red zone when the slightest sound can quickly unravel the best laid stock. The dedicated rangefinder pouch also includes a cord leash to tether to your rangefinder if you prefer it to be secured to the pouch.


Adequate storage has been a common downfall of many bino harnesses. This is not a problem for the “Game Changer”. The “Game Changer” harness features a sleek designed dual front pocket, ideal for holding your cell phone, lens cleaning cloth, mouth reeds, and tags. The second front pocket is zipped and pleated to insure whatever you put in it is kept secure. There are also small stretch pockets on both sides of the harness, ideal for wind indicator bottles or an allen wrench set, and a rear stretch pocket big enough to secure your cell phone and PhoneSkope.


One of my favorite features of the Game Changer is its custom accessory pouch. This gives hunters another compartment for storing necessary items that we need quickly and readily accessible. I always have a set of ear plugs in there as well as a few pieces of hard candy and a variety of elk reeds. Muley Freak took the accessory pouch one step further and included a built-in bullet holster inside the accessory pouch to keep extra ammo easily accessible. Both the accessory and rangefinder pouch also utilize side wing gate keepers which secure these pouches to your harness straps. This may sound insignificant, but it solves a major complaint I have had with other harnesses.


The “Game Changer” bino harness has been designed to fit a multitude of binocular sizes. Whether you are using compact 8X30’s, the most common 10X42’s or the larger 12X50’s, the “Game Changer” can accommodate them all with the use of a removable foam insert designed to keep your binocular readily accessible no matter the size. The “Game Changer” harness also comes in coyote brown, wolf grey and ranger green options.


The new “Game Changer” bino harness does everything and more than we have come to expect from our binocular harness. It protects our optic investments from dust and debris with its 100% enclosure while its feature rich system keeps everything we readily need at our fingertips with little to no sound. Referring to something as a “Game Changer” is a bold statement, but I believe Muley Freaks new bino harness is deserving of this name. 




  • Joe abate on

    Do you sell the game changer bino harness without the accessory pouch.

  • Collin Rippey on

    I still need to sell my FHF and get the game changer! Love all your videos guy!🇺🇸🏹🦌

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