Jenessa's First Buck: Faith, Family, Tradition

Jenessa's First Buck: Faith, Family, Tradition - Muley Freak



For those of you who are mothers, who have a wife and kids, or who simply have or know a mother, you understand just how incredibly busy they are. From changing diapers, to working, to cleaning the house, to helping kids with homework, to running kids to practice, and the hundreds of other tasks mothers do each day - moms are incredible. The woman behind Muley Freak is no different. She is simply put, “Super Woman”.

Meet Jenessa. She has 5 kids, teaches dance, manages and assists in almost every aspect of Muley Freak, and recently earned a new title, which is, in her own little boy’s words, “big buck killer”.

Watch Jenessa's hunt here: 


Last September while delivering her fifth child, Jenessa had some scary post-birth complications and almost bled to death. Thanks to modern medicine and some amazing healthcare professionals, Jenessa was stabilized - but not without some serious pain and a long road to recovery. With her first rifle deer tag around the corner (first of November) she knew it would be a challenging hunt.

So why, after just having a scary birth, and not growing up hunting, and not really having a desire to hunt, would Jenessa still want to go on this hunt? Great question.

The answer is, Jenessa wanted to be an example to her children. She wanted to teach her children that they can do hard things. She wanted to teach her children that stepping outside your comfort zone is where growth occurs. She wanted to teach her children that when you love someone you do things for them even when you might not want to. And that’s just what she did.


The opener of the hunt was a beautiful, crisp November day. After covering some ground in the machine and spending a few hours behind the glass, Jenessa and company finally spotted a mature buck across the fence on another piece of ground. Although difficult for Jenessa in her poor health, she hiked up to a knoll to watch the buck in case he decided to cross onto the property they could hunt. The buck eventually pushed further into the private ground they couldn’t hunt so Jenessa called it a day.

Day 2 was action packed the minute the wheels touched the dirt on the unit we were hunting. The mature buck Jenessa had seen the day before, a big-framed 3x4, was now with a group of does munching on grass - and he was in the perfect place for her! We got her set up on her 6.5 Creedmoor, had her steady her breathing, and she touched one off. Perfect hit! The buck mule kicked, and immediately started to stumble to the ground. A quick, ethical kill. The cheers, tears, and laughs immediately started to flow.


Jenessa’s goal of stretching herself and trying something new and difficult was now complete. As I watched Jenessa, Erik, and their 5 year old daughter Kendri walk up to the buck I couldn’t help but think I was watching history in the making. This moment would be something that not only Erik and Jenessa would talk about forever with their kids and grandkids, but that Kendri would continue to tell her own family one day for generations to come. And, who knows, maybe this is a life-altering moment that helps Kendri decide the tradition of hunting is something she will continue on. The buck, which happened to be way bigger than we all thought, was just a cherry on top.


If you haven’t yet, we urge you to take your family hunting. Whether it’s encouraging a family member that doesn’t hunt to give it a try, or simply just including your family on your own hunts - take them out! There is great value in showing your kids where their food comes from. There is great value in educating your family about animals and the land they inhabit. There is great value in helping your kids learn the entire harvest process from A-Z.

Forge some memories with your family this Spring or Fall. Take them hunting!


  • Michael on

    Great job jenessa on that beautiful big buck. Keep up the good work involving your family in your business and hunting.

  • Mike on

    Great story. Beautiful family. I love the fact you are involving your family in your business and your hobbies(hunting). Congratulations on your buck jenessa.

  • Mike on

    Great story. Beautiful family. I love the fact you are involving your family in your business and your hobbies(hunting). Congratulations on your buck jenessa.

  • Linda on

    Jenessa is amazing and I sure love this post, Aaron!!! You and Eric have beautiful families.

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