I HAD PERMISSION: Part 1 - Muley Freak

Hey Guys, 

I wanted to take a moment and thank our family, fans, and followers, and also the hunting community for the support over the years. 

We are a family run business that supports multiple families and that work together as one unit.  

I also wanted to take this time and address recent rumors and articles being circulated about a hunt of mine that took place this past October in Idaho where I was charged with trespassing.

Before I begin, we respect law enforcement. We respect conservation officers. We have friends that are COs, but as you’ll see over the next few days I had permission to hunt where I was hunting but the fish cop did not consider my evidence or my side of the case.   

BOTTOM LINE. I HAD PERMISSION from the landowner.

  1.   The landowner knew about the #yearofthedeer youtube project and its purpose.
  2.   He knew that we were filming on his property.
  3.   He also knew exactly where on his property we would be hunting and that I had a filmer with me. 


Muley Freak’s full time video editor is the landowner’s great nephew!  

Over the coming days I am going to show you that I in fact did have permission to hunt where I was hunting.

First, let’s go over Idaho Fish and Game’s Rules 


Here is a photo of me in the landowners’ driveway, thanking him for permission a day in a half before the rifle hunt opens. He is holding a #yearofthedeer nalgene bottle that I gifted him.

I also gave him a restaurant gift card to my mother in law’s restaurant The Prairie Schooner in Ogden, UT attached with a “Thank You” card. 

Stay tuned for what that the thank you card said and more.

- Erik Van Woerkom


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Click here and listen to how all wildlife charges were dropped.


  • Ryan on

    I have had a bad experience dealing with Idaho law trying to slap me with a felony for nothing. They sure seem to just charge you for stuff up there without any actual evidence. I had to hired a lawyer which I could not afford. After which, the felony charges were promptly dropped.

    I’m a big fan of Muley Freak. Read all the articles about this incident and it sure seems like there is no way this charge sticks.

    A learning experience for all. Always best to have written permission going forward. Good luck with this Erik. It will work out!

  • Ben Trevino on

    That’s the way it is in Oklahoma. They accuse you, then you must prove your innocence.

  • Bert Price on

    Can’t wait to read the full story about bad fish cop!

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