Muley Freak's Top 8 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Muley Freak's Top 8 Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Muley Freak

Struggling to figure out what to stuff your husband or son's stocking with? Here are our top 8 stocking stuffer ideas for the avid western hunter.


1. Muley Freak/Elk Freak Game Bags

Our NEW Game Bags are everything you've been looking for in a meat bag. 

Highlights include: breathable material, lightweight, robust design, and include more bags than most game bag bundles in the industry.

Our game bag sets include:

  • Head bag
  • Quarter bags (4)
  • Loose meat duffle bag


2. Pack-Konnect Rifle Cover

Rifles and optics are EXPENSIVE.

It is also integral that you keep your optics and barrel dry when hunting not only so you can execute in the clutch when shooting, but also for your safety.

The New Pack-Konnect rifle cover has a new and improved design including an indestructible CSM reinforced barrel, military grade snaps, and new pack-konnect system that allows you to connect your rifle to any pack while hiking around.


3. TriFold Glassing Pad

The TriFold is a true Swiss Army knife!

Weighing in at only 5.6 oz, the TriFold Glassing Pad is perfect for the avid backcountry hunter. 

It's light, packs down to almost nothing, and helps keep your butt dry, warm and otherwise brings additional comfort while glassing for animals. Not to mention you can use it as a rear support when shooting.

Other uses include using it to keep gear off the snow, and as a changing station to keep socks clean and dry when taking boots off.


4. Goat Knives Ibex Mini

ULTRA LIGHT. Weighing in just .634 or 18 grams this knife will be sure to make it into your kill kit.

The Ibex Mini will accommodate 60A, 60XT blades. 

The Ibex Mini still is able to accommodate your bits to fix or repair anything in the backcountry with our 1/4" drive hole.


  • .634 ounces
  • 5 5/8" long 
  • Titanium 
  • 1/4" drive hex cut out


5. Muley Freak Branded AAE Hybrid 26 Fletchings

If you have an archery junkie in your family, the MF x AAE Hybrid 26 Fletchings are perfect for them!


6. Muley Freak Nalgene Bottles

Nalgene Bottles are a backcountry hunter's best friend.

They are indestructible, can be used for more than just help staying hydrated (like driving in tent stakes and using as a heater if sleeping in snow/frigid weather), and we offer them with our most popular designs gracing the front.


7. Muley Freak Stickers

We have a wide variety of stickers in our most popular designs for you to slap on a cooler, gun case, or anything else a mind can think of.


8. Muley Freak x Rockwell Watch

The new Muley Freak Coliseum Rockwell watches are the ultimate stocking stuffer gift.

The Coliseum includes a durable multifunction digital timepiece featuring: dual time zone, chronograph (with 50-lap memory), countdown timer, and 8 alarms. Unmatched styling and comfort, complimented by our unique, stadium-style double bezel to help protect the lens from dings and scratches. The Coliseum offers a CradleFit™ bracelet with a proprietary Prismatic Cell dorsal texture for ultimate comfort and performance. The Coliseum is perfect for action sports, fitness training, or going out on the town. 



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