4 Reasons to Use Trekking Poles For Hunting

4 Reasons to Use Trekking Poles For Hunting - Muley Freak

Why Using Trekking Poles for Hunting?

1. Versatile Tools

Trekking poles can be extremely versatile tools when hunting the backcountry. A few ways to use them for other than hiking include:

  • pitching a shelter
  • setting guy lines for tents
  • shooting sticks
  • reinforcing the top of a tipi in bad weather
  • a splint in case of a lower extremity injury
  • to stabilize optics or cameras

I’ve personally used trekking poles for all the above mentioned ways except a splint.

Every year we get bad weather the first week of our high-country archery deer hunt, this 2023 season was no different. A gnarly storm ripped through camp with lightning, thunder, and gale-force winds. Our tipi has d-loops inside that allow for trekking pole reinforcement - and boy did we need it! As soon as the 30-40 mph wind kicked up, we reinforced the top of the tipi with the Muley Freak UL Trekking Poles and the tipi immediately quit caving into the wind.

I’m sure there are many other creative ways to use trekking poles - how have you used them?

2. Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Lower Body

Michael Torry, director of biomechanics research at Steadman-Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation in Colorado, found that trekking poles reduce the risk of injury and tendonitis in knees, calves, and hips. In that study they found that trekking poles soak up 4.4% of the force in each step that you take. That adds up over miles of hiking and thousands of steps!

When you really think about it, why wouldn’t you want to be as efficient as possible when burning thousands of calories in rugged terrain? The backcountry is already mean enough - help yourself out. It will allow you more energy to accomplish the goal at hand, which is, filling your tag. Not to mention the safety and protection you receive from using them as well.

3. Clear Your Path

Whether it’s a brushy thicket, a branch in your path, or an aggressive rattlesnake - trekking poles help clear your path for safe and smooth travels. I can’t tell you how many times on backcountry spring bear hunts that we have moved rattlesnakes off of the trail with our trekking poles.

Muley Freak UL Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole Features - Blog Article CTA

4. Stay On Your Feet

With two extra touch points added, you are much more likely to stay on your feet in slippery and unstable terrain. Scree fields, boulder slides, slippery mud, crossing rivers, and walking on logs, are all recipes to fall on your butt and get injured - especially when you have a 100 lbs pack full of meat.

Even if you do stumble or start to fall, trekking poles allow you to become a four-legged animal and catch yourself, thus preventing injury.


Muley Freak UL Trekking Poles are lightweight (7.4 ounces per pole), packable (condense to only 25 inches), and provide a great deal of support while hunting - they’re worth the take!

When it comes down to it, trekking poles are versatile tools, reduce wear and tear on your legs, help clear your path, and help you stay on your feet thus keeping you safe.

Pick you up a pair now for your next hunt!


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