Not Accepting Status Quo

Charles Darwin developed the theory of species evolution. His theory was that species can change over time due to environmental selective pressures, or in other words, environmental stress. He proved his theory in and around the Galapagos Islands. He demonstrated how a species of birds evolved over time and adapted however necessary for survival to become the strongest version of themselves. In his day, Charles Darwin disregarded previous ideological ideas put forth by others that claimed species spontaneously generated from nothingness.

Like Darwin, Muley Freak doesn’t believe going with the status quo. Hunting equipment is also developed through stress and environmental pressure. It comes from abuse in extreme conditions. Under these extreme conditions hunting equipment also needs to adapt and evolve over time.

Muley Freak has been in the bino harness market for a few years now. It began with the Muley Freak Stealth Bino Harness. That harness evolved over the years because of pressure we put on it in the field. It went through a few changes and became one of the most popular bino harnesses on the market. As time went on we began putting our equipment through increasingly more extreme scenarios, abusing it like never before, and putting it under greater stress. As we evolved as hunters we saw ways that our Muley Freak bino harness system could evolve with us. Finally, it was time for our harness system to evolve to be the best version of itself that it could be. This is why today we introduce the TRAVERSE BINO HARNESS: the most feature-packed bino harness on the market today. The Muley Freak Traverse Bino Harness represents what equipment can become through hard core hunting so you as a hunter can also adapt and be the strongest version of yourself in the field.

Introducing The Traverse Bino Harness

1: Four-way stretch ultra lightweight material

You want lightweight, breathable, and tough? This material is as good as it gets nowadays. We kept the four-way stretch material from our original stealth bino harness that everyone loved so much. The material’s flexible quality makes movement comfortable as you move and makes the Muley Freak Traverse Bino Harness one of the most comfortable and durable on the market. To make the best material even better we lined the inside with super-soft, super-quiet fleece material.

2: DWR Water Resistant Fabric

DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent. This is a special hydrophobic (that means water hating) coating that is added to the material in the factory. We want your expensive optics more than partially protected, we want them fully protected. That’s why our harness protects from dirt, branches, debris and now moisture.

3: Whisper quiet front zipper pocket

You’d think a zipper is just that, a zipper. We’ll have you know not all zippers are created equal. We tested out all kinds of zippers from a ton of manufacturers until we found one butter smooth and whisper quiet. This zipper won’t screw up that moment when that big buck or big bull is nearby.

4: Wider angled straps 

Got broad manly shoulders? Well if you do, the new wider angled straps won’t even think of rubbing your neck. If you don’t have broad shoulders, well, you’re good too. We took the angle on the new Muley Freak Traverse Bino Harness even wider without crossing that threshold of overly wide. Broad shoulders or not your neck is going to love the lack of contact with your bino harness straps.

5: Mesh lined harness

We put a thin layer of mesh material on the back of the shoulder harness where it counts without becoming bulky. This thin layer of mesh creates an ever so slight pocket of air space between the super-durable material on the outside of the harness and your back for perspiration and humid air to escape. It’s air conditions bino harness style.

6: Pleated front pocket

Our new front pocket is pleated. What does that mean? It means that it sits flush against the harness when empty and expands when you put stuff calls, chapstick, snacks, or other knickknacks in it. This pleated pocket makes it the most streamline bino harness out there with a front pocket.

7: Two side pockets

We improved the side pockets by giving the mesh the boot and building them out of the same lightweight four-way stretch DWR water resistant fabric the rest of the harness is built out of.

8: Molle Strap

Molle is an acronym for ‘Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment’. We’ve learned some hunters like less and some hunters like more. We decided on this harness to let individual hunters make their own decision on whether to run it ultralight or run it by adding accessories. To do this we included the Molle straps system on the wings so you can decide what you attach, or not attach, to your harness. Also keep an eye out because Muley Freak is in the process of manufacturing Muley Freak branded pouches specifically for the Traverse Bino Harness Molle strap system.

9: Tag pocket

The tag pocket is a simple Muley Freak fan favorite so we kept it. It’ll hold tags, drop charts, or whatever. People loved it on the Stealth Harness so we kept it on the Traverse Bino Harness.

10: Made in the USA

No tariff’s put on this product by President Trump. Made in the USA by Americans, plain and simple. We believe in local handmade products from right here in the homeland.

11: Pull tab

How can you make a simple pull-tab even better? Well we did. With the Traverse Bino Harness we decided to streamline and minimize the one-handed operation pull-tab. We shrunk it down without compromising ease of grip by adding a polyurethane coating for those hunters who have butterfingers.

12: Elastic side straps

To take flexibility and comfort to the next level we added some commercial strength elastic side straps that’ll move when you move and breathe when you breathe. Hunting takes extreme physical exertion and when huffing and puffing try to catch your breathe your chest will contract and expand. This Traverse Bino Harness System won’t stiffle that. Those elastic side straps will be your lungs best friends.

13: Lightly padded back harness

We added this ever so subtle padding to the harness for those hunters who spend extended amounts and deep in the backcountry on multiple day hunts. This padding makes those extended hunts just a little more comfortable.

14: One-handed grommet

This is one of the features that really sets the Muley Freak Traverse Bino Harness apart and truly makes it a one-handed system that has custom tension control. This grommet system gives you the ability to increase or decrease tension with one hand that’ll fit any situation. If you’re in pursuit, reach down and tighten it up. If you suddenly need to bring your binos out then one hand will loosen it up and allow you to pull out your optics without dropping your weapon. Other bino harnesses either come with no features for tension adjustment or it’s a two-handed process to make adjustments. The Traverse Bino Harness is a TRUE ONE-HANDED CUSTOMIZABLE TENSION SYSTEM.

15: Pistol/Phone Holster/Miscellaneous holster

Here’s a first of its kind on a bino harness. A built-in pistol holster. People asked us to do it so we did it. This holster system allows you to keep that pistol close to your chest when you’re in bear country. Or if you don’t want to carry a pistol on your chest then you don’t have to. We bet you can find a few other things to carry here like a phone, your Garmin In-Reach, or even a pack of gum.

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