An #EarnedIt story told by Colten Martyn


On August 24th 2016 I ditched work early to get some scouting in a week before the opening day of archery hunt.  As I glassed all I could find were the smaller bucks and I began getting pretty discouraged.  Right before sundown I looked through the spotter once more and bam, there he was, the buck I wanted.  The next few days I kept going back in hopes of locating and patterning this big deer but I couldn’t find him anywhere!  It wasn’t until the night before the opener, August 31st, that I finally lucked into him again after so much glassing.


Sleep was minimal the night before the opener as all that ran through my mind was putting an arrow into this buck.  Opening morning, as I woke up and started getting ready, I realized I left my release at my house!  In a panic, I started looking through my truck and found my old release, how lucky!  I set out to the same area and started glassing up the same coulee that I found him in the night before.  It was my lucky day he was into the coulee and I was able to watch him bed in a group of bushes.


I snuck my way into the coulee and knowing I was close my nerves began to set in.  I had to take a few deep breaths to gain my composure.  As I slowly scanned the area in front of me I struggled locating the buck.  Finally, I had a thought to look behind me, as I looked I saw the sheen of sunlight coming off velvet tips.  There he was!  I snuck into 9 yards and remembered how I had blown numerous stalks in the past by trying to whistle to get them up, so I waited patiently for him to stand.  Finally after 2 hours at 9 yards he stood.  I pulled back, straightened up, aimed and squeezed the trigger.

Notice Colten's buck only a few yards from him and his bow!

Notice Colten’s buck only a few yards from him and his bow!

After the biggest happy dance a man can do, I called a friend to help me pack the stud out!

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