Primitive Sports Nutrition

Science and sports nutrition are nothing new to athletics and athletes.  Athletes have long understood that what goes into the body can affect what you get out of your body.  Ancient Greek Olympians ate what they called the “Olympic Diet” of legumes and meat then switching to dried fruit and wine just before they competed.  Today we have the many decades of scientific research behind us that has brought us modern sports nutrition.  One of the first commercially available sport supplements is claimed by Gatorade developed by Dr. Robert Cade at the University of Florida, and was named Gatorade after the mascot, the Florida Gator.  If you watch any sports event on television you can see the multi-billion dollar industry that sports nutrition is.


Industry Embracing Sportsmen

With this multi-billion dollar industry the availability of supplements to athletes at all levels is far reaching today.  A stark contrast from the aforementioned upper class Greek Olympians who exclusively could afford to feed their Olympians the “Olympian diet” while lower class athletes went without.  With that said the hunting industry and hunters alike have kinda been the lower class athletes who went without for a lot of years.  It seems that only recently hunters have been recognized as athletes and embraced the sports nutrition industry, and also the industry embracing hunters.  Think about it.  Sometimes we as hunters get a little left behind, of our own accord and because others are afraid to attach their name to hunting.  Take hunting clothing as an example.  It’s only in recent years that hunting clothing manufacturers have integrated technical materials into hunting garb that the outdoor recreational crowd have enjoyed for so many years.  Now the sports science and nutrition industry is embracing hunters and hunters reciprocating the sentiment.  We’re even seeing mainstream media and national brands teaming up with the outdoor industry, and it’s about time!


Judged By it’s Content

Whenever Muley Freak looks at a product we first look at the content and forget about the cover, not much different than what your mom told you about judging a book by it’s cover.  It’s the content of the company and products that matter most.  That’s what lead us to WILDERNESS ATHLETE for outdoor performance and nutritional supplements to gain that edge all athletes look for.  Anybody can design eye catching labels, packaging, and use buzz-words to sell products, Wilderness Athlete focuses on the content.

WA5 Mark Paulsen

Founder of Wilderness Athlete Mark Paulsen

The founder, Mark Paulsen, of Wilderness Athlete has competed at the highest levels in various sports and even played in the NFL.  Post competition Mark began his career of developing high level athletes under well respected strength and conditioning coach, Mike Clark, at the University of Kansas.  Mark then joined the University of South Carolina, where he furthered his career under another well-known name in strength and conditioning, Keith Kephart. In 1985, Mark began his head coaching career at Long Beach State University where he served for two years before becoming the Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of New Mexico.  THE GUY KNOWS ATHLETES AND KNOWS NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE.  The company hangs their hat on science and doesn’t throw the term around loosely like many others do.  Wilderness Athlete has a Wilderness Athlete Science, Research and Formulations Board made up of M.D’s and Ph.D’s with over 100 years of combined clinical work at prestigious universities and human performance labs from around the world.  THERE ISN’T ANOTHER SPORTSMAN CENTRIC SUPPLEMENT COMPANY WITH THE CREDIBILITY AND CONTENT THAT BACK UP THE CLAIMS, PERIOD.  The products are scientifically validated, field proven, and made in the U.S.A.


Hunters Are Athletes

Hunters are athletes and we are blessed to be living in time where the larger market is beginning to recognize that.  We’ve tried several of the top outdoor and sports supplements available but couldn’t stay away from Wilderness Athlete.  Our bodies tell us it works and the science behind it tells us it works.

Check out WILDERNESS ATHLETE for yourself in our online store.

If you don’t know which product to start with we suggest the HYDRATE & RECOVER.  It’s always on our shelf at home and the individual packets in our backcountry packs!



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