Outdoors is Family

Isn’t family really what the outdoors should be about.  Spending time together in the solitude of the outdoors cements bonds.  We got into the industry because of our love of family and the love of open spaces.  At Muley Freak we pride ourselves with running a family business.  It’s important we share our passion of the outdoors with loved ones.  The idea for Muley Freak was spawned in the mountains with family and it’s only fitting that it remain a family pursuit.

Industry and Family

This is a common thread that unites several companies in the hunting and outdoor market.  We love sharing stories and ideas with these family oriented companies.  When Muley Freak began we had shot several bows and used an array of archery products, many of them good products but nothing seemed to jump out at us.  The search for that bow company sharing some of our same values seemed to elude us.  It wasn’t until we got a hold of G5 OUTDOORS and G5 PRIME that we felt we had found an archery company that reflected our personalities and beliefs as bowhunters at Muley Freak.  That same passion and beliefs system is reflected in G5’s line of bows and archery products.  Simply put you can tell they care about what they make and the reflection it has on their family.  We can’t say enough about the quality of our G5 Prime bows and G5 broadheads.  With that said we won’t say much more, rather let the family behind the most accurate archery equipment do the talking with our good friend Tim Burnett from Solo Hunter in this episode of Prime Pro.

With scouting season upon us check out a few MULEY FREAK SCOUTING TIPS

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