What’s the fuss over camo?

I recently was following a couple of discussions on Instagram and a popular internet hunting forum.  The topic was camo and hunting clothing.  The subject was a poll of sorts, “who uses cheap Wal-Mart camo” versus, what the author called, “boutique” camo.  Basically comparing cheap versus expensive hunting clothing.  My thought was that the question shouldn’t be about “camo” per se, but more about average clothing quality versus technical type clothing quality.  Let’s forget for a minute that camo is camo. Let’s pretend its all one color.   Would cheap Wal-Mart clothing get you through the day?  Certainly.  That’s not the point though. Let’s use another comparison relevant to illustrate the point.  I can go to Wal-Mart and buy a cheap Coleman tent for a fraction of the price of say, a Hilleburg tent.  Can I carry that Coleman tent up the mountain and make it work, sure.  But it won’t be near the quality, comfort, and functionality of the Hilleberg.  The same could apply to the cheap hunting versus technical hunting clothing. Technical hunting clothing is much more enjoyable to wear, more adaptable, longer lasting, and makes the best hunting camo.


What camo company is best.

The other topic debated was what was the best hunting camo quality wise, and for helping you disappear into your surroundings.  Most comments were in favor of those companies who make what I call the “technical type hunting clothing” as referenced above.  I got to say these companies must be doing something right with their marketing scheme because the brand loyalty was polarizing.  Folks felt very strongly to the point of an internet pissing match that “their” brand was the absolute best, with no exceptions.


Now I’m not here to tell you that you have to go out and spend $3k on hunting clothes or your not a real hunter, not even close.  I for many years hunted with whatever I could get on sale, often just your average type stuff.  I killed many-a-critters in that clothing, and I’m kind of proud of it.  In the last few years though I’ve slowly made my way into the nicer more technical type hunting clothing market.  I’ve tried a few brands and they seem to all make quality gear.  At Muley Freak we have gravitated towards Kryptek.  There are a few reasons why Kryptek is at the top of our list:DSCN0009

  1. The pattern is just plain bada$$.  Let’s be honest, hunters sometimes want to look cool and Kryptek is that.  
  2. Second, it works.  There is a reason you find these same patterns on some of the most camouflage animals in nature, it’s because it helps you disappear.   
  3. Third, the concept has been forged and tested in some of the most demanding environments, battlegrounds, that’s right actual combat battlefields.
  4. Fourth, they continue to support the military and many of their prostaff are some of our nations elite warriors.  
  5. Fifth, the quality is up there with any other “top-tier” technical outdoor clothing manufacturer.  


So there you have it, a few of the many reasons Muley Freak teamed up with Kryptek.  We tend to partner with companies that have a little more substance behind the scenes. Kryptek is one of them.   

What are you thoughts? Do you have a preferred camo patten? Comment Below

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One thought on “The Best hunting camo: What works, what doesn’t.

  1. Erik VanWoerkom 7 years ago

    Great article! There’s is some great camo out there no doubt. #BattleFieldToBackCountry