Muley Freak Christmas

Every year as a family, we pick ornaments off the “giving tree”. This tree is a tree from a local non-profit for helping kids during Christmas. This is an helping opportunity, which the gender and ages of children are faceless reminders of those needing a helping hand.  Doing this simple act always brings me back to some of the realities of life and brings me to tears to see so many ornaments with children in need. This is a Muley Freak Christmas.

Today we picked a 13-year-old boy and my family picked out the items needed at the local big box store.  We returned them to the giving tree and hope that this small act can bring a smile and comfort to this nameless child on Christmas morning.  I also hope in some way by doing this my kids will understand that there is a much greater cause than us individually.

A Muley Freak Tradition

At Muley Freak we are beyond blessed.  Life’s a roller coaster or blessings and trials.  Each individual journey is unique. How we react outwardly and inwardly will influence our lives until our journey is done here.  Being blessed doesn’t necessarily mean having a whole bunch of worldly possessions.  Blessed can be a state of mind as much as a physical attribute.  With Christmas here we mustn’t get caught up in the season of gathering stuff.  Don’t forget the reason for the season.  It’s about remembering one of the greatest men to ever live on this earth and His example; it’s the season He was born.

A life of love and leadership in its purest form.  No matter what you believe in or what your background may be, His life was and is a standard.  Be reminded of love, patience, long suffering, charity, gratefulness, giving, service, teaching, acceptance, and all the other great attributes mankind can express.  Pick one another up, bear one another’s burdens, and mourn with those that mourn because we are all in this journey together.  Lets focus on these attributes while we celebrate the Christmas season and try to carry this attitude continually. This is a Muley Freak Christmas.  At Muley Freak one of our New Year resolutions is we’re going to make an effort to realign our focus throughout all seasons.

A Big Thank You!

Thank you to those who have supported us and stood behind us as we continue down this path of experiencing the beautiful outdoors created for us.  We appreciate our sponsors and the individuals that represent the Western Creed alongside of us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Muley Freak!

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